Sunday, September 16, 2012

MSA Activities 2012-2013

MSA Activities for 2012-2013

*Tentative dates/activities

-Playgroup: Zoo (Fri. 21st)

-Playgroup: Gardner Village (Wed. 3rd)
-Service: Soles 4 Souls/Notes to soldiers
-Cooking club: Fall Treats (Thurs. 25th)

-Playgroup: Story time & picnic (Thurs. 8th)
-Service: Festival of Trees decorating

-Happy Holidays!

-Playgroup: Taffy Town (Mon. 14th)
-Service: Animal blankets/tie quilts
-Cooking Club: Easy Winter Soups (Wed. 30th)

-Playgroup: Great Harvest Bakery Tour (Tues. 5th)
-Day at the Legislature (Thurs. 7th)
-Service: "I Spy" bottles for kids at PCMC
-Medical Marriages Night

-Playgroup: Clark Planetarium (Wed. 13th)
-Service: Pillowcases for PCMC
-Cooking Club: Quick delicious appetizers (Tues. 26th)

-Playgroup: Easter Egg Hunt (Fri. 5th)
-Service: Coloring packets for kids at PCMC
-Closing Social

Friday, September 14, 2012

About the MSA

The MSA is part of the national service organization called the American Medical Association (AMA) Alliance.  This alliance, a sister organization to the AMA, is broken down into state and county alliances. In Utah, we also have a Resident branch and a Medical Student branch (that's us). We work with the state and national organizations to promote good legislation for physicians and patients, to encourage and present community health programs and service, and so forth. As spouses/significant others of medical students, we also take this time to lift up, serve, and support each other and our medical students through this challenging time. We hold enlightening and helpful lectures/panel discussions, worthwhile service projects, fun interest groups, and even a free date night here and there.  The MSA gives members a small introduction to an organization that is available to be part of the rest of your life. Through all of these things, we hope to promote healthy and happy medical families now and for the future.

Get ready to have a great year with MSA...helping your life and others!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

UMAA Conference

The day after the MSA Opening Social, there is the Utah Medical Association Alliance (UMAA) Conference.  The UMAA is a group of physician's spouses dedicated to the healthcare and families in Utah.  It is a chapter of the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA).  Some of your husbands may be part of AMA.    

The conference takes place on Friday September 14th at the Salt Lake Hilton Hotel.  Basically there will be lots of physician's spouses there celebrating the past 80 years of the UMAA and talking about our future.  There are some recently proposed changes meant to simplify the state organization in order to better serve and support medical families.  That is us, we are the upcoming medical families!  Sariah Hillam is the incoming UMAA president.  A few of us have met her.  She is awesome, young, has four young children, and is very much connected with our age group.  Sariah is a great mentor and friend.  It is awesome to know someone who has been through the journey alongside her husband of med school, residency, and now practicing medicine.      

The conference agenda is as follows:

8:30 am  Registration
9:00 am  State Alliance Business (They will discuss changes mentioned above.  Some UMAA members filled out a survey last spring.  Results and board recommendations can be found on the UMAA website by scrolling down past the dates to remember on the Calendar of Events here.)
10:30 am  Speaker Jonathan Boone (national presenter on family/work/service life balance)
11:30 am Luncheon

The UMAA has graciously offered to pay for each medical student spouse that is interested in going.  The lunch will be salad, oregano chicken, summer berry sabayon. 

Please RSVP by Monday September 10th if you would like to attend.  There are some ladies that cannot attend, but have offered to watch other people's kids.  If that applies to you, please let us know.  Have a great day!

Liz, Kate, and Liz
MSA Presidency